Project for Chamonix

Temporary installation.
Laser triangle in Chamonix
- in study -

The mountainous region around Mont Blanc is one of the most emblematic natural landscapes in Europe.
Yet it is one of the areas worst affected by climate change and the impact of human activities.
Chamonix is also one of the most polluted regions in France due to the Mont Blanc tunnel: the exhaust fumes remain trapped in the valley.
In summer, the precipitation of polluted rain causes the glaciers to turn grey and they are melting at an unprecedented rate.

I am very familiar with Chamonix and this glacial region.
It is difficult to focus on this spectacular landscape.
Our eyes are distracted and steered by the complex geometry of the mountains.
This installation consists of adding a clear and simple geometry to the landscape, one that engenders a sense of calm and helps us to focus.
Three laser beams create a ‘frame’ in the form of an equilateral triangle, thereby defining a clear space.
The fragile, thin and almost virtual lines connect the three points of the triangle and establish the relationships within the panorama: the summit of Mont Blanc, a melting glacier and a polluted city.

- in study -