Bike Jump

Childfriendly intervention in the public space.
An intervention that focuses on speed and the joy of cycling.

Client : City of Ostend, department youth and sport
Realization: December 2017
Duration: permanent
Location: Kraanvogelstraat, Ostend
Dimensions : 18 x 1.2m
Material: orange concrete

A classic cycle route was transformed into a combined cycle path/trail with a new concrete ramp for executing jumps.
The intervention takes the form of a flat, 18m-long, orange concrete element with one small elevation (a ramp or a bump), 25cm high.
This little anomaly, which might appear to be a ‘mistake’, only becomes visible when approaching the strip.
The intervention is now a popular feature within the neighbourhood.
I don’t only see skaters or teenagers on bikes using it, even the postman and local pensioners have been enticed into making a jump.